First Blood

session 21

The party are lead to the Magnimarian council and are given an audience with the Justice Court and the Lord Mayor, Haldmeer Grobaras. Haldmeer quizzes the party regarding their investigation and they share some of what they’ve discovered, including the seven pointed star and Aldern’s note regarding the Brotherhood of the Seven. Haldmeer shares that there have been many similar killings in Magnimar, mostly drunks and gamblers, but with an election coming up bodies are a no-no. The Court seem to think Aldern was solely responsible, but Haldmeer disagrees; he invites the party to investigate with his blessing and authority, then takes leave to make another meeting.

Justice Ironbriar asks to speak to the group privately. He assures them that the Mayor has good intentions, but is overly paranoid because of the election and has very much exaggerated the extent of the crimes. He offers the group any resource they require to help their investigation, and asks they share with him what they learn.

The group explore the big city in their own way. Rye seeks out the trade district, where he commissions a mask of his own design, then a bar with enough booze to satisfy. Cage finds the local church of Shelyn and makes a friend in Father Vanderbilt. Lem and Archie enjoy an evening of wonder at the Mayor’s Menagerie, while Valerio finds himself amongst high society at the Hippodrome and various galas.

The next morning they descends upon Alden’s townhouse where they are shocked to discover both Aldern and Iesha home and alive. It is of course a ruse; as soon as they sit “Iesha” stabs Lem and the pair reveal themselves to be Faceless Stalkers. The group quickly kill the beasts then explore the suspiciously barren townhouse, eventually discovering a hidden cache. Within, they find the deed to the Manor, whose ownership is due to become the Brotherhoods, as well as Aldern’s financials. The books reveals Aldern was delivering 200 gold every two weeks to a sawmill to pay for Iesha’s “trip” to Absalom, obviously a cover seeing as how she was dead.

The party investigate the sawmill on Kyver’s Islet. It seems to be a completely ordinary operation from the outside. They decide to share what they’ve learned with Ironbriar. He is aghast to hear that monsters were in the townhouse and confused by what they mill may contain; he asks the party to suspend their investigation so that he and his men might look into it.

The party decide to send Archie to spy on the mill and to magic answers from him in the morning. Valerio, Cage and Lem retire, but Rye doesn’t trust the plan; he finds a seat at a bar close to the mill and keeps an eye out.

Rye’s instincts prove to be on the mark; Lem, Valerio and Cage are all visited by assassins in the night, all three wearing the one-eyed, horrific mask of the skinsaw cult. Valerio’s fails and cuts his own throat. Cage is able to kill his attacker, but not before Father Vanderbilt is killed.

Lem is not so lucky: the assassins cut finds his mark; the hero is killed in his sleep.



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