Magnimar is the second largest city in Varisia and its influence grows by the day: Korvosa’s ties to Infernal Cheliax, the rumored curse on their royal family, and the populaces distaste for their new young Queen have caused increasing tensions in the city, making Magnimar the fastest growing city in the region.

Home to ancient ruins, soaring towers and elaborate sculptures Magnimar is known as the City of Monuments. The city’s most prominent landmarks are the Irespan, the remains of a massive Thassilonian bridge hundreds of feet across, and the Seacleft, a 300 foot high cliff that cleaves the city in two. The city is divided into three regions: the Summit at the top of the Seacleft, the Shore at the foot, and Shadow for the region in the perpetual gloom beneath the Irespan.

The Summit is home to some of the wealthiest citizens of the city, the colossal hippodrome Serpents Run, the Capital District, the Lords Mayor’s Menagerie, and the Golemworks where a great deal of money can buy someone a hand-crafted Golem.

The Shore is home to the city’s working class, dockyards and markets. The Bazaar of Sails is the largest market in all of Varisia. Ordelia is home to the most foreign of races and species in all of Golarian. Rag’s End is a massive slum run by a Scarzni gang called The Gallowed. The vibrant Lowcleft district is home to the cities largest structure, the 400 foot tall fortress called Arvensoar.

The Shadow is home to the community known as Underbridge. The seediest and darkest elements of the city make their home here.

Additionally, the city is home to an infamous prison known as the Hells which descends deep into the stone of the Summit; few if any know how deep it goes.

Maginmar is ruled by a Lord Mayor, the judges of the Justice Court, and the Council of Varisians, a body formed to maintain the interests of the native population. The current Mayor is Haldmeer Grobaras. map.jpg


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