You Shall Not Pass Away

session 10

The party surrounds the prone form of Ripnugget, intent on interrogating him. The Goblin King is no easy mark, however; he struggles and cries for help. In the courtyard, the battle between the Thistletop goblins and the warhorse Leggs has shifted tides; the horse is dead on it’s feet from dozens of cruel wounds and the goblins, now engaged in sport, think they hear something…

Fed up with Ripnugget’s howling Rye delivers a mortal wound to the King. Before he can be finished off a door leading into the island’s interior opens and a bugbear, Bruthazmus, sinks an arrow into Lem. Bruthazmus provides cover for Ripnugget who flees screaming down the steps. The party manage to wound the monster before he too escapes. he advantage of surprise is officially lost.

Cage heals the group before they descend into the island. They enter a large, unfurnished room with a polished stone floor and many doorways, a few slightly ajar. The interior structure, just like the catacombs below Sandpoint, is clearly the work of the Thassilonians. As the party attempt to formulate a plan they are suddenly attacked! Tsuto flies forward from a door, attacking Rye, while Bruthazmus again opens fire. A human warrior called Orik leaps into battle, clearly just roused as he hastily dons his helmet. Orik is able to quickly take a piece out of Ilsoari. Lem is able to finish off Bruthazmus while Rye dules with Tsuto, who disarms and mocks his foes. Cage nobly keeps the besieged party on their feet.

Orik seems hesitant to continue attacking but, fearful of a Scroll Cage is about to cast, he clobbers the cleric. Soon Tsuto’s agility begins to fail him and when it is clear that his side will lose Orik quickly kills former team mate. He guardedly explains to the group that he is a simple mercenary. He met with Nualia and her crew in Riddleport and, desperate for money, he agreed to help her. He was not then aware of her plans to incinerate Sandpoint and turn herself into a demon, nor was he aware that she would be attempting to raise some ancient evil she discovered in the Thistletop ruin. Between her madness and the sudden appearance of the group of heroes Orik decides to find the money he’s looking for another way.

Before Orik can retreat, however, Cage figures it’s a great idea to cold cock the fighter. He lands a decent smack, but is nearly killed for his trouble when Orik lashes back with his bastard sword. Orik then takes his leave. Ilsoari is able to stabilize the cleric and he is brought back to consciousness with a the aid of a few potions.

The party is at a crossroads: above them await an unknown number of Thistletop goblins; before them, an unknown number of enemies and Nualia herself, not to mention whatever Ripnugget got up to. Their presence is known to all, both casters are in need of rest, and everyone of them is wounded. Only true heroes could find a way to beat these odds…



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