The Shadow Clock

Session 23

As the party searches the burning mill Ironbriar sputters to life, cursing “that bitch”. Kirleth immediately pounces on him, demanding answers. The elf has a proposition: with the building burning, their real enemy will be well aware that trouble is afoot, and it will be very hard for them to explain the death of a member of a Justice Court; if they give him a few hours head start, he will share what he knows. They agree.

Ironbriar explains that he is a member of a cult that has been infiltrated by a creature called Xanesha, who has had a magical hold on him, now broken bythe fight. Xanesha has had the cult slaughtering ‘greedy souls’ and marking them with a seven pointed star which somehow serves her ‘master’; as a simple thrall, he is unclear himself as to the meaning of the ritual or who the master is. Xanesha is responsible for Alderns death, as well as Lem’s. She hides at the pinnacle of the Shadow Clock, a massive, dilapidated structure under the Irespan in the worst part of the city; if the party hurries, they might be able to catch her before she flees the scene.

The fire becomes too great to ignore. Ironbriar demands his head start, but Kirleth demands he repent; when the elf does not, the inquisitor murders the Justice. The party then rushes to find what they can; Cage slips into the office, which is wallpapered in cured human faces, and discovers their haversack, as well as some books that look to be helpful. Valiero loots what he can from the Justice as the fire goes wild. All of the party members escape the mill.

Outside they are mobbed by a massive crowd gathered to see the fire. Seeing them exit the scene the city watch demand to speak with the group. A wall falls from the fourth story, providing the distraction needed for Valerio to cast haste and the party to escape at super speed. They don disguises and make their way to the Shadow Clock.

The structure rises to nearly reach the Irespan and is cloaked by the same in eternal darkness. It appears ready to fall at a moments notice. They enter and are assaulted by a horrific flesh golem dressed like a scarecrow wielding a massive scythe. They are able to defeat the monster then ascend the shaky, unstable staircase. As they climb one of the huge bells drops on them, striking Kirleth and shattering the steps. She is able to hold her ground, and soon all four ascend to the top and engage in a decisive battle against a trio of faceless stalkers.

Finally they exit to the roof, where a colossal demon rises from below and faces off with them. The creature, however, is an illusion; Xanesha strikes from behind, spearing Kirleth with a magical staff that screams as it pierces, demoralizing the others. All four members attack the half serpent, half woman lamia and though she is a powerful adversary they are able to kill her for her crimes.

Kirleth casts speak with the dead; the inquisitor has a few questions….



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