session 17

Upon returning to Sandpoint the party turn Doctor Erin Habe over to Sheriff Hemlock. They spend the evening following up on a hunch of Lem’s: he suspects that Aldern Foxglove may somehow be involved. They learn of the tragic history of the Foxglove family.
Morning arrives violently: the party follow a panicked crowd trail to find another violent murder at the docks. The victim, a local drunk and gambler, has been mutilated and crucified. Again a seven pointed star is found hacked into the corpse, and another note to Lem is pinned to the corpse. Worse, Lem’s name is writ large in blood. The people of Sandpoint look at Lem with fresh, terrified eyes as Hemlock quickly hurries the party to the garrison to avoid any potential backlash. The party secret out of town with Maester Grump in tow and head to the farmlands.

At the Hambley Farm the party are forced to navigate a labyrinth of tall corn. Approaching a pair of scarecrows, they notice that the appear to be shifting listlessly. Rye cuts one free and is instantly set upon and paralyzed by a ghoul. The other scarecrow leaps into the fight. It appears that the undead monsters have been disguised as scarecrows and scattered throughout the farm. The party tread cautiously as more ‘scarecrows’ are encountered, some real, some ghouls. Some are revealed to be human prisoners disguised to trick the group, but caution and wit prevents a tragic accident. Well done! Grump leads a few of the victims back to Sandpoint.

The party reach the homestead and are able to determine that the barn is full of ghouls. Rather than risking open combat they bar the door from the outside and climb into the hayloft, where they kick the ladder down and slaughter the trapped monsters like fish in a barrel. Super clever!

In the farmhouse they discover the horribly slaughtered remains of Farmer Hambley and family. Once again the level of savagery is shocking, the corpse is decorated with a seven pointed star and another cryptic message to Lem. As they examine the scene a ghast arrives and announces “his Lordship” told him they’d come. He attacks, but is defeated. Searching his remains they discover an ornate key bearing a flower: a Foxglove. The deceased man was the caretaker at Foxglove Manor, and Lem is now certain that answers await them at the estate.

The party head to the manor. A few silent ravens watch as they arrive. They enter the house via the music room and find the mansion in a horrific state; the house sags and groans, and pulses with an evil energy. Mould and rot seep from every board. As they cautiously examine the manor Rye hears the tinkling of piano keys; turning the bench he sees a beautiful raven haired woman before the instrument. She plays a few bars, then rises and approaches him. The music continues. He is compelled to dance with her and he does, but soon breaks free of her control. Cage and Lem see and hear nothing.

Their suspicions are confirmed: something is very, very wrong at Foxglove Manor…



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