session 16

The murder investigation continues. Lem, Cage and Rye visit the survivor of the previous attack at Habe’s Sanitarium, an ill-cared for facility in the shadow of Ashen Rise. The heroes convince a pair of tiefling orderlies to let them speak with the doctor and owner, one Aaron Habe.

Habe informs the ‘trespassers’ the facility is private and denies them entry. Cage notes his unusual agitation. Rye attempts to win Habe over a few times but only manages to increase the doctors nervousness. Cage tries to reason with Habe, but the doctor suddenly snaps and runs into the building.

The party thinks this is a bit suspicious so Rye blows the door open. Lem and Cage dash for the stairs while Rye beats the staff up a little. The interior of the building seems disused and somewhat abandoned. Lem follows the doctor’s footsteps up to the second floor where they meet two of the sanitariums residents: Old Sedge, a blind farmer, and Hammy, an even older lunatic who yells what’s happening to Sedge and both laugh uproariously.

One of the orderlies follows Rye up the stairs. Rye accidentally rips the tieflings clothes off, then accidentally kills him. Meanwhile, Cage and Lem arrive at the third floor to discover an operating theatre with unusually invasive instruments. Cages line the walls; in one, a straight-jacketed man in the very last stages of ghoul fever lays slumped and still, and in another a were-rat lurks, it’s own cage door thrown open. Habe is nowhere to be seen.

The were-rat launches an attack. At the sight of Lem the ill man perks up and walks toward the group, overjoyed to see them. He tells them that the master told him to deliver a message to Lem and recites “I hate you. I fear you. You must hate me; do you fear me as well?”. The message delivered, the man finally dies from the disease, only to rise moments later and attack. The party is able to easily defeat both the were-rat and the ghoul. Suddenly the room fills with a toxic cloud. The party escapes down the steps and into a large pack of zombies and a necromancer. The zombies and the necromancer attack, but are no match for Cage’s channeled power. The necromancer attempts to flee but is soon killed.

The party discover Habe cowering in the necromancers study in the basement; he seems shocked but relieved that the necromancer is finally dead. He explains that the necromancer had provided the funding for Habe to open the sanitarium asking only for dead patients as payment. Although immoral, Habe had issues finding funding due to his unorthodox treatments, so he agreed. The necromancer, however, had a greater need for bodies than Habe had anticipated and soon the hospital became less a place of care and more a source of corpses.

Habe shares a note found on the ill man, Grayst Sevilla, inviting Grayst and and three other con men to meet someone referring to himself as “His Lordship” in a barn to discuss an opportunity. The other three were slaughtered while Grayst was forced to watch and was himself tortured physically and mentally until he was broken before being brought to the sanitarium.

The party decide to have Habe face the law and consider their next steps…



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