Jubrayl's Big Score

session 14

The Badger Boys ask Jubrayl to wager Cage to Ukrun and lose, placing the cleric in the vault with the ring. Jubrayl plays along, losing both Archie and Cage to the half-orc. Ukrun leaves the table as his ‘winnings’ are lead away.

The dhampir woman suddenly approaches Lem and demands he follow. He is lead to Jubrayl and Rye’s table. They are joined by her robed companion. The woman suggests the guards may be interested to hear they arrived as slaves but now appear to be guests. She demands Jubrayl wager his slaves for her silence. Jubrayl agrees and loses.

Rye and Lem join Cage and Archie in the vault The robed man reveals himself as Peter Vane, the merchant Rye had crossed in Riddleport. His strange companion is called Seeker in the Morning. Peter has every intention of torturing Rye to death and can’t wait to get started.

The party locate the ring in Ukrun’s hoard and give it to Archie, who escapes in a grate with instructions to find Jubrayl. They also fine a cache of liquid blades and Cage’s (apparently pick-pocketed) holy symbol in Jubrayl’s chest.

The guards shackle Lem and Rye before Peter and Seeker lead the pair to a waiting boat. As they travel Lem notes the position of the stars and the stones in the water has shifted; the only solution, and the key to Fifty Fathoms secret location, is that the island moves.

Meanwhile, Ukrun retrieves his winnings and Cage tells him the other slaves have robbed him. Furious, the half-orc doesn’t have Cage manacled and immediately heads for a boat of his own.

Peter and Seeker delight in tormenting Rye with threats. Lem is able to provide a powerful distraction by returning insults, including a super-sick loogie fired straight up Peter’s nose. This results in a ferocious beating; his collar-bone and hand are broken by Seeker. As she pummels him Rye stealthily pick-pockets the keys to their shackles from Peter.

Ukrun catches up. Lines are immediately attached to Peter’s boat and the raiders board, immediately setting the ship ablaze. Rye frees himself and Lem. Seeker tosses Ukrun overboard and assaults Rye. Lem spears her through the railing and she responds by breaking his skull. Cage is able to keep his friend alive as Rye shackles the Dhampir to the boat. Peter watches his revenge slip away from the captain’s room as the half-orcs, dwarves and undead war on the burning boat. The Badger Boy’s navigate to Ukrun’s boat and flee with a magical gust of wind provided by Cage. All of their new enemies die off-camera, never to be seen again.

Arriving in Riddleport, they buy the captains silence and loot the hold, obtaining, among other things, a pair of Boots of Elvenkind. They locate Jubrayl and Miirori (who may have had a pleasant few hours together) and Archie before returning to Sandpoint.

They decide to give the ring over to Hemlock, as the letter suggested. Not long after he informs the group that the rings owner has been in contact and they will be meeting at the Devil’s Plateau the following morning. The party follow out of sight. Hemlock and his men meet with a large, organized force lead by a man of stern, noble bearing. Through divination Cage is able to determine the man, called Corsair, is actually a dragon in human form. Satisfied with the ring, Corsair and his followers leave.

A few days after the party are witness to a confrontation between Hemlock and Jubrayl. A local drunk believed he had hit gold when he discovered a barrel of ale bobbing in the sea nearby. Instead of hooch he found a corpse, one Hemlock has determined to be one Baron LeChrysler. Jubrayl professes ignorance, but does share some news: he’s recently become the owner of the Pixel’s Kitten, the brothel where Kaye Tessarani works. If rumours are true, the Sheriff and the madame are a couple, which gives Jubrayl a very personal edge over the lawman.

While the origin of the note remains a mystery Hemlock is as good as his word, and party accommodations are now covered entirely by the town. The Badger Boys’ have a permanent home in Sandpoint and absolutely, positively zero loose ends to be worried about.



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