Haunted House

session 18

Fresh off the shock of Rye’s ghostly dance the party are surprised by the sudden arrival of four-armed ursine creature. A summoner quickly followed and the two parties take a few moments to become familiar. The groups decide to join forces. As they explore the house, they encounter numerous dangerous haunts and learn much about the house and family history.

The first floor revealed:

  • Sounds of a woman weeping coming from a floor above.
  • A rat bursting with tumours. Speak with animals reveals that dead things live in the house.
  • A Horrible, supernatural mould infects everything- it seeps between the floorboards, reaches from behind every wall.
  • The ghost of a nervous woman paces in the drawing room. The woman calls for someone called Lorie and suddenly rushes to leave. Cage feels the woman’s terror of whatever her husband is doing in the house, but is able to keep calm.
  • Apparitions in the kitchen of Aldern and his wife. ‘Aldern’ seems confused and time-lost, more a victim than a mastermind. Aldern explodes into mould when confronted.
  • Massive stained-glass windows seem to tell a cryptic tale, but of what is not clear.
  • Two chairs in the library, one capsized with a broken stone statue nearby, the other with a lovely scarf draped over it. Cage inspects the scarf only to have it leap to life and strangle him. As it does he glimpses a vision of an enraged Aldern doing the strangling.
  • A bizarre mould stain on the floor that looks very much like a set of spiral stairs.

Having had quite enough the group decide to try the door. On the way the stuffed manticore in the hall lunges at Rye, slashing and burning him. Lem opens the door to find the entire property covered in thousands of silent, watching black birds. He fires an arrow and kills one, sending the flock to the air, darkening the sky. The house endures a few minutes of violent battering as the birds smash themselves against it, but just as suddenly as they started the stop.

The party press on to the second floor, revealing:

  • The weeping woman grows louder from above them
  • Yet another stained glass window, again undecipherable
  • A child’s bedroom. Within Cage can hear his parents fighting is engulfed by the feeling that one of his parents is about to kill the other and then him. Again he is able to fight it off.
  • The master bedroom, where Rye felt an overwhelming sensation that he had killed the person he loved the most. Overcome with grief he pulled a knife from a drawer and attempted to cut his throat. Lem interfered, which resulted in Rye stabbing Lem with the ‘knife’, in reality a wooden stake, the shock of which brought Rye back to consciousness.
  • A parlour, each portrait buried in dust and cobwebs. Clearing the portraits reveal the house’s residents:
    • Vorel and Kasanda, the original occupants, with their daughter Lorey.
    • Traver, Vorel’s great-nephew, and his wife Cyralie, as well as their children, Aldern,
      Zeeva and Sendeli.
    • Aldern and his wife Iesha.

As the last portrait is cleared the room each portrait transforms: Zeeva and Sendeli obscure; Aldern’s loses his hair and assumes a deathly pallor; Iesha turns purple as black bruises appear on her neck; Cyralie is burnt and her bones shatter; Travers throat splits open, while Lorie and Kasanda appear deathly sick. Vorel himself violently explodes into a mound of festering yellow mould. The room suddenly becomes supernaturally cold. Both Lem and the summoner escape the violent freeze, which soon after abruptly ends.

While the party was able to endure many hardships one in particular came at a gruesome price: exploring a room Rye felt a sudden and all-consuming sensation that his face was blossoming in pustulent tumours. He violently clawed his face to destroy them, disfiguring himself in his mania, before his friends were able to pull him free and break the spell. His mutilated face was wrapped in bandages for the time being but will likely never been be the same.

Above them, the weeping grows louder while what lies below still awaits… whatever Vorel Foxglove set in motion is now coming to a head…



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