Foxglove's Fate

session 19

The party follow the sound of the weeping woman to the attic where they discover what remains of Iesha: she has been transformed into a ghoul and is transfixed by her image in a mirror , weeping at her fate. She is oblivious to their presence until she spots a scrap of her scarf Cage;. She becomes enraged and rushes out of the room, howling for Aldern. Cage and Lem decide to finish exploring the attic while Rye and the summoner follow Iesha.

The attic reveals some valuables and a set of keys. In an observatory Cage experiences an overwhelming desire to leap to his death. He jumps through the window and is speared by a weather vane, which brings him to his senses long enough to transform to gas. Meanwhile, Rye and the summoner follow Iesha to the main floor where she pounds her way through the mould-covered floor, revealing a closed room below containing a pit, which she escapes into.

The party regroup and enter the basement, carving their through a hordes of infected rats. They discover a laboratory and experience a haunting vision told in stained-glass: Vorel Foxglove was attempting to transform himself into a Lich. His wife discovered his intentions and interrupted the ritual, breaking his phylactery and trapping Vorel’s spirit in the house itself, causing it’s cursed state. They use the key to open the pit room, and descend.

The party travel deep into the earth into a series of caverns far below the manor. A loud noise, like breathing, fills the cave system. The summoner sends Woodhouse to scout down a path, where the creature discovers a <>. While the monster slaughtered Woodhouse Cage warped the stone of the cavern to seal the beast within. Clever!

Further into the caverns the party discover some treasures and the source of the ominous sound; a massive sea cave filled by the tide. They also discover a group of ghouls and a battle ensues. A few of the ghouls escape into the darkness before the party call kill them all.

The party descend to the very bottom of the cave caverns where they discover a small room. Within, Aldern has killed Iesha one last time and is despondent. Aldern is longer human, but an undead Ghast. The room, Vorel’s sanctuary, also contains a vibrant, angry yellow mould growth. The party attack Aldern and he does not fight back. They relent, and give their former friend a chance to speak.

Through tears Aldern explains that he is but a patsy, the victim of a group known as the Brotherhood. He has come into their debt and attempting to repay them has spiralled into a nightmare that has lead to his death, his wife’s death, and his transformation into a monster. It seems that his obsession with Lem has grown from his hope that a hero might save him. Unfortunately his lucidity does not last; Alden’s personality shifts again into a creature that refers to itself as the Skinsaw Man. Aldern attacks Lem and attempts to kill him, but the party is able to finally put an end to the miserable un-life of Aldern Foxglove.



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