Fifty Fathoms

session 13

Two weeks before the lumber mill murders Bethany politely suggested that the party’s deal was with Ameiko; perhaps the time had come for them to consider paying their way in the world.

Cage discovers a written plea from Sheriff Hemlock in his room. A ruthless group is heading towards Sandpoint in search of a ring which is in the possession of a half-orc called Ukrun. He can be found at Fifty Fathoms, a secret hive of villainy. Hemlock implores the party to enlist the help of Jubrayl in infiltrating Fifty Fathoms and retrieving the ring to appease the group.

The group seek the help of Jubrayl without sharing the note. The insanity of their request intrigues him and he agrees to help.

Lem approaches Hemlock for more details. He claims not to have written the note. He asks the party help locate Fifty Fathoms; in return, he will investigate the note and procure them room and board at the city’s cost.

The party ride to Riddleport under the guise of an associate of Jubrayls, Baron LeChrysler, and his entourage. Sleeves of Many Garments are used for quick costume changes. Boarding the ship to Fifty Fathoms they learn Barons entourage are slaves, a fact Jubrayl overlooked to mention. Also on board the ship is an unusually tall Dhampir woman accompanied by a number of animated dead and a thin, robed man.

They sail to Fifty Fathoms, a remote ramshackle building on a fist of an island hidden by illusions. They surrender their treasure to the attendants. As they discuss their plans in Jubrayl’s room trouble sounds from below. They arrive to see the giantess intercept a cheater and viciously crush his skull with her own. Guards lead another cheater to a gallows and summon an Aboleth from the ocean depths. The primordial creature makes a slave of the accused and, enveloping him in it’s protective slime, leads its vassal to the bottom of the sea. Sucks to be him!

Another surprise awaits them: a smirking woman recognizes Jubrayl. He uncomfortably introduces the group to Miiori. They leave him to her. They locate Ukrun, notable by his Dwarven companions, playing cards. Lem and Cage decide to locate the treasure stash while Rye sticks to the main floor to keep an eye on activity.

Using their Sleeves of Many Garments to pose as attendants, Lem and Cage are lead deep underground to the treasure hold. The horde contains unheard of treasure of all types: gold, jewels, magical animals, flying carpets, self playing instruments, even a dire boar. Although the exterior is well guarded no guard is posted within since the room is completely sealed other than a floor drain. The drain might be something an animal could travel through, and it appears like even living creatures can be treated like treasure…

On the gaming floor Rye spots Jubrayl and Miiori, now posing as his drunk girlfriend, join Ukrun’s game. Jubrayl starting to work a con on the half-orc. What he and she are up to is anyone’s guess, but it sure looks dangerous…



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