session 22

Valerio follows his attacker to the street to find the assassin has taken his own life. He spots another Skinswaw cultist fleeing over the rooftops. Valerio rushes to check his friends. Arriving at Lem’s inn he discovers the unthinkable: Lem has been killed by an assassin of his own. City guards crawl over the hotel but Valerio is able to sweet-talk his way inside and discovers the haversack is gone.

At the same time Rye is keeping tabs on the mill from a nearby bar. A distracting conversation causes him to just barely catch a glimpse of a man entering the mill; Rye is unable to see his face, but the man wears the very distinctive armour of a member of the Justice Court. Rye rushes to find his friends.

Cage gathers his senses after his own attack when an inquistor called Kirleth arrives. Kirleth is a both a friend and a working partner of Vanderbilts and is upset to find his contact dead. After a tense few moments the pair are able to suss out they are on the same side. Valerio arrives, then Rye. The foursome compare notes and determine that whoever is in the mill has some explaining to do…

The foursome once again return to the mill on Kyver’s Islet and barge their way in. They find a few workers inside who inform the group that the mill is private property and ask them to leave; at the same time, at least one of the workers coyly tries to get out of sight. One of the workers dons an skinswaw mask and a battle ensues, which the party easily win. The climb the stairs, enterouring more ‘workers’/ cultists. The cultists do their danmdest to feed one of the group to the woodsaw but fail time after time; Rye shows them how it’s done, then pins another with a knife out a window. Woodhouse makes an almost pornographic mess of their enemies. They are beset waves of cultists swarming from above and below, a dozen or more, including one assailant under an invisiblilty spell. As they war on the stairs Rye decides now is a good time to set the mill on fire…

The finally reach the top floor and come face to face with their adversary: Justice Ironbriar. He reveals that he is one of the Brotherhood of the Seven that operate the Skinsaw Cult and that it was he that called the assassins that took Lem’s life. He also reveals that the cult is under the control of a woman, who is using the killers to feed her masters desires.

After an intense battle the party fells Ironbriar and the last of the cultists. As the mill burns around them they search desperately for their haversack and for some clue to the identity of Ironbriar’s master…



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